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Vision & Mission

Life is valuable. FoodChain believes that increasing the value of life and thriving will foster an economic system rooted in ethics, compassion, and financial benefit for everyone.

Food Chain's mission is to make plant-based organic food more broadly accessible, inclusive & mainstream.

We are building a network of people making healthy, organic, plant-based food choices - one meal at a time.

Why Plant-Based?

People switching to plant-based foods most often cite health and concern for the environment as the best reasons to update their diet.


Will we all be vegan one day?

Once seen as a niche dietary choice, veganism has seen an increase in both popularity and accessibility in recent years.

5 remarkable health benefits of a plant-based diet

Aside from being so much better for the planet, a plant-based diet may be best for human health as well.


Global food system is broken, say world's science academies

Radical overhaul in farming and consumption, with less meat eating, needed to avoid hunger and climate catastrophe

Veganism is 'single biggest way' to reduce our environmental impact on planet, study finds

Avoiding meat and dairy could reduce your carbon footprint from food by nearly three-quarters

Everybody's doing it